Claim against Airbus SE (Ticker: AIR)

Who Can Join

Airbus Investors Recovery Stichting

Conditions for participation

Institutional investors and retail investors are eligible if:
  • they purchased and held ordinary shares in Airbus through the stock exchanges in Paris, Frankfurt and/ or Spain  
  • during the period January 2008 – 31 July 2021; and
  • provide sufficient proof of their shareholdings.

Investors who sign up to be represented by AIRS accept the following conditions:
  • all information submitted to AIRS will be held confidentially in accordance with the AIRS Privacy Policy;
  • there will be no upfront financial commitment on their part;
  • Investors are free to terminate their participation at no cost by notifying AIRS.

Note: At this point in time, the amount of damages which affected investors are entitled to is uncertain. It is also possible that the relevant period during which shares were purchased may change in the future.

No Cure - No Pay

Affected investors can join at no upfront cost. AIRS has arranged funding from Woodsford Group Limited ("Woodsford"), a specialist in ESG-related engagement and a leading litigation funder. 

In exchange for financing AIRS’s legal action, Woodsford will be entitled to a fee ranging from 25% down to 5% of amounts awarded, if the litigation is successful.

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