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About AIRS

Non-profit and independent

AIRS is an independent foundation established under Dutch law, with a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. The foundation operates on a non-profit basis and represents affected investors in Airbus who seek compensation. Board and Supervisory Board members are remunerated for their time but have no financial interest in the outcome of the action.

Management Board

Paul Rex


Paul is Managing Director of GBRW Expert Witness Limited and Chairman of GBRW Consulting. He is a banking and financial sector expert who spent the first part of his career at two banks: Chemical Bank, where he held various positions including Head of Multinational Group, London and Head of Commodities Finance/Shipping Finance, Europe; and Crédit Agricole, London Branch, where he was Assistant General Manager and Head of the…

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Elsbeth van Rhijn

Company Secretary

Elsbeth is an independent lawyer, admitted to the Bar in Amsterdam, specializing in the design and execution of mass compensation actions for banks and other financial institutions. She has been actively involved on behalf of DSB Bank in negotiating the mass settlement of claims by DSB customers for violations of the Bank’s duty of care under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act and has been part of the team representing the Bank in court in the subsequent...

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Dominiek Vangaever


With a background based extensively in global finance with a strong focus on risk and compliance management, Dominiek brings a valuable perspective and skillset to the Board.

Following 15 years with ING Group, Dominiek has held senior management positions in global financial institutions such as the African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development…

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Supervisory Board

Sandra Frommelt


Sandra is a Dutch lawyer specialized in dispute resolution, business law and insolvency law. She has over 25 years of experience in these fields. As of January 1, 2023, she has joined law firm Wintertaling in Amsterdam as a partner.

Sandra advises and litigates on commercial law partnerships and commercial contracts, corporate law issues, mass claims, directors' liability and insolvency issues. She began her career at the age of 23 and has been involved in legal advice on dispute avoidance and acting in settlement disputes and bankruptcies, court proceedings...

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Godert Vinkesteijn

Supervisory Board Member

Godert is a Dutch independent advisor and board member. Before Godert established his own firm, he was a Senior Executive of KPN with Finance, M&A and Technology background. In that period, he worked among others as CFO of KPN International, and CFO of KPN The Netherlands.

Godert is a member of several supervisory boards. He graduated in Actuarial Science at...

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Lynda Aziz

Supervisory Board Member

 Lynda is an English-qualified and experienced solicitor (currently non-practising) and is a Supervisory Board Member appointed by the Funder, Woodsford Litigation Funding Limited. She is a Director of Frome Wye Limited, a UK company specialising in third party funding of US litigation.

Lynda has previously worked at Woodsford Litigation Funding and at law firms...

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Cooperation with Airbus Investors Recovery Limited

AIRS is coordinating its strategy with Airbus Investors Recovery Limited ("AIRL"), a special purpose company established by Woodsford, which represents approximately 200 affected institutional investors in their claims against Airbus.

AIRS and AIRL are both funded by Woodsford and advised by Scott+Scott, a leading international law firm. AIRS’s Board considers that AIRS will benefit from its cooperation with AIRL given the common legal issues in both actions. Having the same lawyers and the same experts will therefore be efficient and cost-effective.

See for the progress of the claim made by AIRL

Funder: Woodsford

Woodsford Group Limited is a specialist in ESG-related engagement and a highly experienced, reputable and well-known global litigation funder headquartered in London. Woodsford has helped many thousands of institutional and retail investors and other stakeholders engage with major corporations across numerous jurisdictions in relation to serious breakdowns in ESG standards. It holds these companies to account, and helps those affected by ESG breakdowns to secure compensation.

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Law firm: Scott + Scott

Scott+Scott is an international law firm specialising in complex class actions. Scott+Scott has extensive experience litigating securities, corporate governance, competition and consumer law cases on behalf of institutional entities and individuals.

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